Corporate Law


Incorporation of Companies

Incorporation of companies in India involves the process of legally registering a new company with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) under the Companies Act, 2013. This process can be complex and time-consuming, and requires various legal and regulatory formalities to be completed, such as obtaining a Director Identification Number (DIN) and Digital Signature Certificate (DSC), reserving a company name, preparing and filing incorporation documents, and obtaining a Certificate of Incorporation.

We provide professional services to businesses seeking to incorporate a company in India, including advice on the most suitable type of company structure, assistance with compliance requirements, drafting of incorporation documents, and liaison with the MCA and other regulatory authorities. The objective of incorporation services is to help businesses establish a legal entity that is compliant with Indian laws and regulations and to provide a solid foundation for their future growth and success.


Secretarial & Legal Compliances

Our services include MCA Filings, ROC, RBI & FEMA compliances and preparation and maintenance of various statutory records as prescribed under the Companies Act, FEMA & RBI guidelines. The work involves a detailed study of the activities of the company to identify all laws applicable to the company.

We assist clients with all required compliances to help businesses stay up-to-date with the latest legal and regulatory changes, avoid penalties and legal disputes, and improve transparency and accountability. Our services include conducting compliance audits, preparing and filing various forms and returns with regulatory authorities, maintaining statutory registers and records, drafting and maintenance of minutes of board and shareholder meetings, scrutinizer of annual general meetings of listed companies, preparing and filing annual reports and financial statements, advising on legal and regulatory compliance issues, and providing training and education to employees on compliance matters and other such services.


Secretarial Audit

Our services include conducting secretarial audit of various Listed and Public companies as per the requirement of Companies Act, 2013. This includes a comprehensive review of the company’s secretarial practices, such as its record-keeping, filing, reporting, and decision-making processes.

We help identify any gaps or deficiencies in the company’s compliance framework and provide recommendations for remedial actions.

The secretarial audit is a comprehensive and independent evaluation of a company’s compliance with the applicable laws, regulations, and corporate governance standards related to its operations. The objective of secretarial audit services is to ensure that the company is complying with all legal and regulatory requirements related to its operations, corporate governance, and disclosures, and mitigating the risk of penalties and legal disputes.


Compounding of Offences (CLB/RD)

Our services include assisting businesses in preparing and filing applications for compounding, liaising with the authorities, ensuring compliance with legal requirements, and providing legal representation as necessary on non-compliances under the Companies Act.

Our team has experience in concluding over 100s of compounding cases and has represented clients before Company Law Board and Regional Director. The aim is to help businesses minimize the impact of any non-compliances on their operations and reputation while navigating the legal complexities of this process.